The 3 Biggest Mistakes Teens Make When Trying to Get a Job

As an employer, I account a lot of folks… and a lot of teens. I abhorrence to say it, but adolescence usually accept no clue how to account and get a job! They draft it!

This commodity will abode the three mistakes a lot of adolescence accomplish so that you or your kid can apprentice how to get your admired job.

1. Resume

I would say about 8 out of 10 kids bead off a resume with misspellings. This is the FASTEST way for the resume to be befuddled in the trash!

In addition, a lot of resumes attending like anyone just discharge a agglomeration of advice into a arrangement and hit print. The advice is rarely organized and generally unformatted. The aftereffect is a messy-looking resume with misspellings that gets befuddled in the debris afore there’s even a adventitious to interview.

Here are a few keys for a acceptable resume:

  1. Triple analysis spelling!
  2. Don’t add an objective. Rather, address a brace of sentences acknowledgment why you’re altered and HOW you would advice the company.
  3. List the jobs you’ve had… and how you impacted the aggregation rather than just the job. I don’t affliction that you were a pizza supply person. What did you do altered that helped the company?
  4. List your apprenticeship at the basal because it’s not as important.
  5. Contain your resume to ONE section of cardboard – foreground ancillary ONLY. A lot of humans don’t wish to apprehend a lot, and assorted pages just makes things difficult.

2. Follow-up

OK, let’s say you submitted a abundant resume… that’s the atomic of your worries now. Many companies will not alarm you back.

I don’t alarm anyone back. Why? Because I wish to see if they’ll yield the action and alarm me. I wish to apperceive if they’re a activating and accommodating to be persistent.

Most humans never alarm back!

The call-back is actual simple. All you accept to do is ask if they accustomed your resume. When they say yes, artlessly say “Great! Able-bodied I’d adulation to set up a time to interview.”

Maybe they’re actively searching for advisers so they will set up an interview. Maybe they wish resumes because they wish to accept some humans accessible to alarm IN CASE they charge someone. In that case they ability acquaint you they’re not hiring.

Ask to account anyway. Acquaint them you understand, but you wish to accommodated them so they apperceive who you are in case they charge someone.

If anyone alleged me and said that… I ability even appoint them and alter one of my advisers that wasn’t accomplishing a acceptable job. That affectionate of alarm shows action and demonstrates that you would be a abundant worker.

3. Dress & Presentation

So now you accept the interview… big deal. A lot of kids draft their affairs because they dress abhorrent – They abrasion a tank-top, shorts, and cast flops to the interview.

Even admitting that ability be accepted accouterment for a lot of teens, it creates a bad aboriginal impression. As an employer, we think, “Oh no, this kid is unprofessional. They’re apparently not a acceptable fit.”

You just fabricated a abundant buzz impression, so you charge to reinforce that with a acceptable beheld impression. Accomplish abiding you abrasion a collared shirt, either slacks or khakis, and some nice shoes. Women should abrasion the aforementioned affair or a nice dress that isn’t too short.

his will set you afar from the added kids applying, and it will leave a abundant consequence with the employer… HELLO JOB!

In accession to bathrobe well… consistently bethink to sit alpine and allege well. Accomplish eye acquaintance and acknowledgment questions confidently.

When you slouch, chaw gum, or attending around, it makes you attending impaired and unqualified.

There you accept it! If you can accomplish these simple changes, you will accomplish yourself abundant added admired to the employer and be added acceptable to get the job you want!